Dizziness and vertigo

Introductory words (vertigo – dizziness – imbalance – blood pressure)
Dizziness or vertigo a person may feel from time to time a sense of imbalance, and the cause is multiple problems, including: –


– Irregular blood pressure.
– Irregular heartbeat.
– Irregular blood sugar level.
– Acute or semi-acute anemia.
– Nose and ear problems, and other causes
Today’s case is a patient who suffers from vertigo for about 7 months. She did all the routine examinations, and she repeated them more than once, and she did not find any reason. 

After taking the complete medical history from the patient, and do full a clinical examination, it was found that she suffers from an abnormal pulse.
The pulse was regular, but slightly less than normal, After reviewing the medications that the patient was taking, it was found that she was taking a anti hypertensive treatment that would reduce the pulse as well.
After a re-evaluation of the blood pressure and a change this type of treatment, the condition improved markedly and the symptoms almost disappeared, and from here we know the importance that there is no substitute for a medical examination.



Dr. Abdel Aziz El.Saadi

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