unusual cause of constipation

introductory words: (Aortic aneurysm – constipation – fruits – vegetables – colon)

Unusual cause of constipation:

A person in his fifties, he is a hypertensive patient. He has not complained of anything other than constipation for two years.

The elements of the crime are complete ! He fails to drink water, and eats few fruits and vegetables.

He took some laxatives from the pharmacy more than once, and one of his sons took an online consultation more than once.

All are agrees to write laxatives, along with routine nutritional advice, but without noticeable benefit.

When I took the medical history from him, I  found the same reasons mentioned above.

I suggested to him initially the same previous nutritional solutions, which are important, but here came the role of the medical examination, which was the key to the puzzle.

During the examination, an inconspicuous abdominal enlargement was discovered, “an aneurysm of the aorta”, and when a abdominal ultrasound performed, the initial diagnosis was confirmed. 

I directed him to do a contrast CT scan of the arteries of the abdomen, and it was found that there was a huge enlargement on both sides of the aorta that was “non correctable surgically” based on the decision of the cardio-thoracic surgery due to the enormity of the aneurysm, which could lead to fatal bleeding during the operation.

It is unfortunate that if it happened without surgery, his life would also be threatened, The inflation was huge, pressing on the colon and leading to narrowing in the compressed part of the colon, and this is the cause of constipation !! And all safe solutions have no role.


Dr. Abdel Aziz El.Saadi

Consultant of internal medicine, gastroenterology, hepatology and endoscopy.

Address: Al-Manyal, Cairo, Egypt.

Clinic No. 00201009196182

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