Low blood pressure, definition and causes

علاج انخفاض ضغط الدم
       Introductory words ( blood pressure – causes – medical and non medical )
 * Blood pressure:


          Blood pressure does not have a fixed number, not for example (120/80), but it is a range (from-to). 

           – The systolic pressure ranges from (90-120 mm Hg), while

            – The diastolic blood pressure ranges from (90 to 120 mm Hg).

            – The blood pressure ranged from (60-80 mm Hg) is called low.

         In other words, blood pressure can be divided into several stages, namely:

           1- Less than (60/90 mm Hg) is called low pressure.

           2- From (60/90 mm Hg) to (80/120 mm Hg) is called ideal.

           3- From the top (130/80 mm Hg) is called first stage hypertension.

           4- More than (130/80 mm Hg),this is called high blood pressure, stage two.

Causes of low pressure:

      1- Non medical causes such as:

            – Lack of drinking water.

            – Lack of salt intake.

            – Drink natural diuretics such as stimulants.

            – Increased sweating.

       2 – Medical reasons:

          The most important of which are:

             – Anemia.

             – Low cortisone level.

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