Elevated liver enzymes

Introductory words ( liver enzymes – viruses – analgesics – herbs – thyroid gland – obesity- fatty liver – alcohol – heart failure )


Liver enzymes:

Liver enzymes can be elevated for several reasons, including:

        • Alcohol.
        • Hepatitis viruses such as virus A / virus B / virus C.
        • Fatty liver.
        • Obesity can be one of the causes of high liver.
        • Thyroid problems, especially hypothyroidism.
        • Pregnancy may cause a marked increase in the liver.
        • Many medications, especially (pain killers / antibiotics / epilepsy drugs).
        • Dietary supplements and slimming herbs are possible in the rise of the liver.
        • Heart failure.
        • Herbs, combinations and medicines of unknown origin.
Initially any rise up to one or two times the normal rate is considered valuable and needs to be investigated.

In the event that you notice an increase in liver enzymes, there are some preliminary measures that you must take to reduce the possibility of continuing the current increase, such as:

   – Stopping any type of medication that was taken without a prescription or from a non-


    – Stop any drugs of unknown  doctor origin.

    – Stop any herbs of unknown origin.

    – Go to the nearest specialist doctor.


Dr. Abdel Aziz El.Saadi

Consultant of internal medicine, gastroenterology, hepatology and endoscopy.

Address: Al-Manyal, Cairo, Egypt.

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