Initial solutions to avoid low pressure

Initial solutions to avoid low pressure, what should I do?!

– Keep drinking enough water daily, at least (one and a half liters) “in winter “!! So what about summer. 

– Keep drinking about (3 liters) per day, depending on the percentage of sweating, and the temperature in the work environment or in the workplace.

In simple words, if you did not notice that the color of the urine became not dark, this is evidence that you do not drink enough water.
2- Salt:

 – It is necessary to eat an adequate amount of salt without excess.

3- Stimuli:

– Try to reduce drinking Tea, Coffee, and Nescafe, as they are natural diuretics, and as a result, pressure can drop.

4-Medical examination:

If the problem is not resolved by taking all natural methods above, it must be referred to the specialist doctor to search for the aforementioned medical causes in the previous article

( :ضغط-الدم-المنخفض/ ‎)‎.

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